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Zulander Hack Review – Scam or Legit?

Zulander Hack Review – Scam or Legit?


Is the Zulander Hack software a Scam, or is it Legit? The software, allegedly created by Michael A Wright, claims to have the ability to make you over £1000 within five minutes (this time includes signing up). These sorts of claims are ridiculous and are generally found on all the Scam sites; in fact, as we dug deeper, we found that most of the statements Zulander Hack makes are complete lies!

Zulander Hack Scam Review

Zulander Hack boasts about how they have had two hundred and forty two consecutive days of profit and that it is basically impossible to lose money with their system. The Zulander Hack domain was only registered in December, so this is a blatant lie! All you have to do is “press a few buttons” is one of the claims made by them; if only it was that simple! They also claim that no brokers can be trusted as they manipulate data to their advantage, but with Zulander you can avoid making trades with these brokers! It all comes across as a load of garbage to me! Unfortunately though, the sales pitch is likely to draw in new and inexperienced traders with their false promises.
You will notice two or three counters on the screen, one showing increasing “live” profits and another counting down the numbers of spots left available. These again are untrue (refresh the page and the numbers reset!), they are just another sales tactic to try to rush you into signing up and investing.

Zulander Hack Review

I often mention in my reviews that “Live Chat” is often a good sign with a lot of software, but on this occasion it is far from it. I put it to the test and got a quick response. I was asked if I had already signed up and which broker I had been nominated. My response was “not yet”. Straight away I got a reply with links to sign up to Zulander Hack and was not asked how I could be helped. More pushy tactics. The representative even chose to tell me that the “software is genuine” – I think he must be paranoid!

Zulander Hack has a comments section at the bottom of the page showing questions asked by “prospective” and “current” members. Again, like the testimonials on there, they are all fake.

Zulander Hack Review Scam

All in all, I’m sure that experienced traders will spot this a mile away, but for those of you who are unsure about this software, keep well clear. It is a 100% SCAM!!!

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