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Wall Street Focus Group Review – Scam or Legit?

Wall Street Focus Group Review – Scam or Legit?



Is the newly released Wall Street Focus Group binary options auto trader a scam or is it Legit? First impressions are good as we a greeted by the statement that you can earn “$381 to $796 per day with online trading”. This makes a refreshing change the usual claims of “make $10k a day” or “become a millionaire in the next three months”. We are, in fact, presented with realistic figures for a change!


The Wall Street Focus Group video is presented to us by a guy called David Lombardi who tells us that he is the Head Project Manager for the Focus Group; he goes on to tell us about the Cobra5 software that has been ten years in development by some of Wall Street’s top leading financial analysts. He tells us that we probably wouldn’t recognise his face or even his name as he is basically a “behind the scenes” guy. He has been involved in various products such as Pokemon Go and even had dealings with Netflix’s very own House of Cards. His job is basically to create these focus groups to gather feedback on the various products prior to release.


The idea of the focus group is that a chosen number of people get to sample or test a product before the release date (totally free) and in return offer their feedback to the company promoting the said product, in this case Wall Street Focus Group!


Lombardi Then takes us to “meet” on of Nasdaq’s top leading analysts and project manager of the Cobra5 trading software, Jimmy Russo. Russo tells us about the creation of the Cobra5 software and tells us how we can become one of the participants in the Focus Group. Russo also tells us that this is not an “overnight millionaire” system, but can create you a healthy income. So far it all seems legit and we haven’t seen one flashy car, private jet or mansion along the way!


Lombardi then goes on to tell us the when he started the Wall Street Focus Group he discovered that over five thousand people were making 15k and upwards with the software, despite having no previous experience in trading. The Cobra5 software has the capability to select the correct trades for you, just leaving you with the decision of whether, or not, to execute it. We are told that the Cobra5 software is now reaching ITM ratios of up to 84% on some trading days and that it has been created with its optimum performance being when smaller trades are being placed. This is ideal for new traders who are unsure and don’t want to take high risks.


Lombardi tells us that the Focus Group has limited numbers and the software will be free of charge to those accepted for the first 90 days. After that, the software will cost $997 per month which may sound a lot, but in the grand scheme of things it is possible to make that money back in a day or two! He tells us that after the 90 days of being a part of the Wall Street Focus Group you are not under any obligation to purchase to software and if you wish to stop there you can happily do so and the money you have made helping test Cobra5 will still be yours. The only catch during the testing period is that you give feedback on the system and how you are finding it; sounds pretty fair to me!


We are introduced to 3 of the original Wall Street Focus Group who share their experiences with us. They have all been left high and dry by other trading systems that have turned out to be scams, but have all had positive results from the 90 days trading as testers for the upcoming Cobra5 release.


From the information we have gathered on the Wall Street Focus Group, I have decided that this is not a scam and will be making a deposit and testing the software myself. I will update on this review once I have started trading with the software.

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