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Tesler Review – Scam or Legit?

Tesler Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE PAGE: www.tesler.co

Is the Tesler binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Well, firstly, I’m guessing that they were going for “Tesla”, as in the physicist known for his work on electricity and magnetism, or more recently, the company that makes self-driving cars, but for some reason decided against spelling it correctly. The man supposedly presenting Tesler to us, Steven Abrahams, has (everyone join in) invested $50 million into developing his software, which promises to make at least $5,700 a day. Oh boy, here we go.


Tesler’s site is actually not awful, at first. There’s no pop-up or redirect, and the date at least was correct at the time of writing. The map tiles just below the video and sign-up box initially decided to show me places that were near to my location, but after a refresh, changed their minds and showed me some German cities instead. Quite why they did this is beyond me, as the site still correctly identified that I am in the UK.


It’s downhill entirely for Tesler from here –  it seems that someone learned how to do mouse-rollover effects and felt the need to show off by putting them on everything. The incoherent, overlapping, blatantly copy-pasted filler text can’t even decide whether it’s 5 or 7.8 trillion USD that is traded daily. The “testimonials” are hidden behind pictures of people who appear to have accidentally, or in the case of the lass in the top-left, “accidentally”, opened their front camera.


The video is over half an hour long, despite leading with the outright lie that it’ll only take seven minutes. Some of the script is actually original – thankfully, though, most of it isn’t, as the parts I hadn’t heard before elsewhere were, impressively, even more dull than the parts I had. Part about having a personal fortune of several hundred million dollars? Check. Part about showing screenshots of bank accounts as “proof”? Check. Part about son having his head screwed on and respecting his father’s gifts? Check. I could go on, but unlike Tesler, I can tell when a point has been sufficiently made.


Finally, there’s the numbers. The main quote is $5,700 a day, which surprisingly does roughly agree with both the hourly sum of somewhere over $200, and the prediction of a million bucks over 181 days. In spite of this, not all of the actors in the video posing as happy clients quote quantities that agree with this, and not all of the numbers given on Tesler’s page do either. Although the differences are small enough that at least someone seems to have passed their Maths GCSE, it should still be clear that you should stay away from Tesler with the same enthusiasm shared by the like poles of a pair of magnets.


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