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Terabit Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

Terabit Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: terabittrader.com


Is the Terabit Trader binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Terabit Trader comes to us courtesy of Richard Heffner, a former satellite communications engineer at Garmin, who paired up with his binary trading cousin to develop a system that claims to be the fastest in the world as a result of a breakthrough called Optical Data Transmission, and that promises us a minimum of $20,000 a day.


Now, usually I’d tear into the website first, but let’s look at that “Optical Data Transmission” that Terabit Trader claims to utilise instead. What Richard is referring to is a step forward in optical fibre data transmission made by University College London in February this year. As Richard says, testing showed it to achieve speeds of 1.125 terabits per second, which is 50,000 times faster than most home broadband connections. But then the B.S. hits. Like many recent technological breakthroughs, this kind of connection is still being developed, and as such, is not commercially available. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with satellites at all – it uses optical cables, like many connections already do. We’re told both of these things in the article that Richard actually directs us to as his “proof”. So already, we can say with confidence that “Richard” here is telling porkies.


With that in mind, then, let’s carry on as usual. Terabit Trader’s website is practically the same as any other I’ve reviewed; “Video. Email please. Look, here’s a map, we know where you live. Here’s a load of information that we made up about ourselves. Did you know that we were on CNN? Neither did CNN.” There’s no redirect or pop-up, at least, but don’t worry, there’s a counter on the left-hand side labelled “Total Members” that stops for some reason at exactly 847 and is obscured by most of the rest of the page if you wanted your web design fail daily fix.




On to the video. It’s about half an hour long, so have your coffee to hand in advance, and, of course, features no skipping or rewinding. Apparently, recycling actors is no longer enough; this one recycles a good 80% of the script of a previously-reviewed trader, so much so that I’m pretty sure that this is attempt number two at shilling you by the same damn people. Only the rubbish about the “Optical Data Transmission” and the backstory is really any different, with a lot of Terabit Trader’s features simply being renamed from before and figures being tweaked slightly; parts of it are blatantly copy-pasted verbatim. It’s like a school-kid copying their friend’s homework at lunch – “Just change it a bit, so it’s not obvious”, to absolutely no avail, because it’s still obvious.



I don’t think, at this point, it even needs to be said that $20,000 a day is completely ridiculous, nor that the alleged 94/100ths of a second edge over Wall Street is either. Wall Street trades occur in thousandths of a second – if you were nearly a whole second faster, you’d be telling the future, not reacting to the market. There’s some serious pseudo-science going on with Terabit Trader, and that’s probably not even their worst offence. What really takes the cake is the reused script. Why did I even bother writing this review? I shouldn’t have put in more effort than they did, I should have just copied my other review and hoped no-one noticed.


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