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TauriBot Review – Scam or Legit?

Tauribot Review – Scam or Legit?


The Tauribot is a new piece of binary options software that has come up in conversation several times now. So, by regular request, I am going to take a look at it and answer the question – is it a Scam or is it Legit?

Tauribot Review

The Tauribot website itself is quite clean and looks relatively professional; no dodgy count up or down boxes and no banners cluttering up the site. They also claim to be linked to Dr Archer of Chicago University, which I am a touch unsure about. The Tauribot claims that it has participants making $80,000 in eight weeks (not unrealistic), but the fact that it is all done by β€œthe single click of a button” puts me off straight away. They have four video testimonials on the homepage which, it seems to me, are made by actors. They are all a little bit too animated for my liking.

While I believe that it is totally possible, I am very sceptical about the fact that Tauribot was effectively created by a 15 year old boy with autism, as they claim. Tauribot claim that they can produce a 92% trade win rate with their automated trading app; it’s all very nice to hear, but I am reluctant to believe it!

Tauribot Scam or Legit


Once in the Tauribot software itself, it looks very similar to many other autotraders with that β€œwhite label, off the shelf” look to it. It has the usual options of one, three or five simultaneous trades, with a minimum of $25 and maximum of $100 per trade. Whilst the site is quite professional looking, like I said, it is far too similar to many of the scams out there.

Tauribot Review Scam or Legit

My overall opinion of Tauribot isn’t great, so it has put me off trying the software out and left me thinking it is yet another Scam.

The software that is currently working for me, if you want to take a look, at the moment is:-
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