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Royce Code Review – Scam or Legit?

Royce Code Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: royce-code.com

Is the Royce Code binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Today’s focus is supposedly brought to us by Richard Royce, who modestly named his product after himself, and who tells us that for the next seven days, he’s accepting fifteen people a day to join the Royce Code and make up to $2,000 a day.


The Royce Code’s site is, erm, minimalist – that’s a polite way of saying that there’s naff-all on it. Just a video, framed by an image of an iMac to make it look like the video is playing on the iMac’s screen (this is a surprisingly common design choice, and I have no idea why; it looks awful) and a sign-up box. There are also Privacy Policy and Disclaimer links at the foot of the page, which normally I ignore completely, as they’re usually the same recycled rubbish you’d expect. Given the utter lack of content on offer, however, I followed them both, and I’m rather glad I did. Both of them direct you to a page that appears in your browser’s tab bar to be part of a site called “The Alderley Code” – these pages are literally recycled from what I can only assume was a previous scam attempt by the same person or people.


The recycling doesn’t stop there with the Royce Code, either. The video is around twelve minutes long, and features, and whilst the script doesn’t sound particularly familiar, the actors certainly are. One of the testimonial actors has without a doubt not only appeared in other videos, but starred in one for a different auto-trader that he was claiming to have created. As for “Richard”, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen his face before as well.


We’re told that the video (which you can’t even pause, by the way) is live, which is quite clearly isn’t, given that it replays from the beginning every time it is viewed, and the tired old “try to call someone and fail to get through” trope is trotted out not once but twice to attempt to convince you further. All of this aside, the main selling point of the Royce Code is presumably supposed to be the withdrawal insurance that it says it offers, guaranteeing access to your earnings at any time of day. Not a single lick of evidence to this effect is ever shown.


Sites like the Royce Code make for a quick and easy review. There’s nothing to them for me to make jokes about, and what little there is in the way of content is filled with enough overlooked errors and blunders, like reused actors, that they effectively debunk themselves. The best part is that as I mentioned before, this doesn’t appear to be the first crack at online scamming that whoever’s behind the Royce Code has had – how weak must their first efforts have been?


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