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Push Money App Review – Scam or Legit?

Push Money App Review – Scam or Legit?

Push Money App Review Legit


*UPDATE – LAUNCHED TODAY – 12th February 2016

Although the Push Money App software is not yet available, I have been contacted by the creators, Mike and Dennis, to offer them my thoughts. Is Push Money App a Scam, or is it Legit?

It seems to me, on first impression, that the Push Money App has the capabilities to allow the most experienced and inexperienced traders an equal chance of profiting through binary trading. Push Money App is not just a piece of software; it is essentially a training program which guides traders in the right direction by explaining how the markets work and what to look out for in current trends. This, alongside the software created by Push Money App, can help all levels of traders to make profits in excess of $1500 each day.

Push Money App Scam

The Push Money App software is fully automated and does not actually require you to look at signals, although, as I mentioned above, it is always a good idea to know what you are looking for and not just making guesses! Designed by an insider, the Push Money App software offers a powerful and competitive trading platform that has the edge on many of the current systems out there.


Setting up an account with Push Money App is very straight forward. As with most systems, it carries a simple sign up process with a minimum deposit of $250 with the option of trading with one of the leading brokers in the market and the opportunity of making trades with up to an 87% profit margin. They also offer sign up bonuses of up to 200%! They also boast a verified 91% of their trades have been profitable.

Push Money App offers live support for any queries and have good response times to assist in any issues you may have, unlike a lot of the scams out there that are uncontactable if you have a problem. Small things like this go a long way to reassuring me that this system is Legit and has been created by people who genuinely want to help others make money and not just pocket your hard earned cash for themselves!

Push Money App Legit

So, all in all, the Push Money App is looks to be a very Legit piece of software with very profitable outcomes of up to 87% with a 91%success rate for both experienced and novice traders. It’s simple and easy to use structure makes it an ideal piece of software for newcomers, whilst the more experienced traders will find it fast, simple and highly effective compared to other systems they may have used previously.

Push Money App Review

The fully automated Push Money App system is a definite rose amongst many thorns in the current battle to be the best trading software on the market. A big thumbs up and a must for all traders when it goes live! Watch this space, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates on the release.


In the meantime, take a look at our best current software and our best trend indicator.

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