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Profits Eternity Review – Scam or Legit?

Profits Eternity Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: profitseternity.com

Is the Profits Eternity binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Profits Eternity was allegedly created by Jane Creswell, a hedge fund investor, to help her make back her lost millions after the banking crisis of 2008. She tells us that she’s opening it up to 50 beta testers, and if you decide to become one of them, you can expect to make around $6,000 a day with it, at one point claiming up to over $11,000 a day.


The site is nothing exceptional, pretty much exactly what I’ve come to expect. One the one hand, Profits Eternity manages to steer clear of redirects and pop-ups. On the other hand, the site seems to have failed to correctly identify my location, instead telling me that people have made $7,000,000 in “None” rather than my hometown/country.


There’s also a counter entitled “People Viewing Site” that starts at around 290 and counts up to 299, but never 300. Why? Because Jane tells us that the site will be taken down after 300 views, in spite of the fact that it can be refreshed with no consequence – this action would push the views to 300, but instead, the counter resets.


As for the video, we’re subjected to 25 minutes of Jane sitting in a room with a MacBook and a glass of red wine. She informs us that we’ve been selected to view the video, which is a lie, as I viewed it just by visiting the page’s URL from a Google search, throws in a few mentions of angry gurus and systems being rigged, and, erm, calls it “Profits Eternal” instead of “Eternity”. Several times. And on the accompanying screenshot “evidence” of her own bank account, too.


Now, some quick napkin maths tells us that if they want 50 “testers” from 300 views, then Profits Eternity expect one-sixth of viewers to be enticed into handing over their email by this video, in which they get the name of their own “product” wrong repeatedly. I’d hope that it was fairly clear that doing this is a bad idea, but in a world where Donald Trump is now the President of the United States, maybe bad ideas are no longer as obvious as before; investing any money here will cause your bank balance to crash faster than the Mexican Peso upon the announcement of the election results.


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