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Profit 4 Patriots Review – Scam or Legit?

Profit 4 Patriots Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: profit4patriots.com

Is the Profit 4 Patriots binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Douglas Ward, the man behind Profit 4 Patriots, or “P4P”, as he calls it, tells us that he moved to the States after his parents’ divorce, and followed in his father’s footsteps to become an investment broker for some pretty rich people. It was here that he claims to have stumbled upon something that drove him to create P4P to bring you upwards of $1,200 a day.


We’ll get to exactly what that “something” is later (trust me, this is a good one), but for now, let’s look over the site. Profit 4 Patriots doesn’t really do anything too ground-breaking here, to be honest. There’s a header bar that follows you down the page as you scroll that invites you to sign up, which at least demonstrates a level of HTML competency not often seen, even if it is a tad obnoxious when combined with the three other attempts to collect your email that the page presents you with.


There’s a video, of course, some filler content that reads more like left-wing propaganda than actual information, a bullet-point list of the things offered by P4P, a list of alleged previous trades, and finally, some disappointingly coherent yet still slightly embarrassing “user testimonials”.  Whilst it’s not exactly exhibiting poor writing skills to use the phrase “abso-blooming-lutely great”, it could be considered exhibiting poor life choices.


Then there’s the video, oh boy. It’s a real work of art, this one, 25 minutes long and there’s maybe five of them that don’t sound like an effort at satire. Turns out that Doug here is rather vehemently anti-American, and wants to siphon wealth from the US stock market into the economy of his “motherland”, and no, he doesn’t mean Russia – he’s not a fan of them, either. In fact, he never tells us where he means, likely to try and engage as many non-American and non-Russian audiences as possible. Most of the video spins a tale of how the US and Russia are apparently trying to choke the world’s economy for their own gain – he even goes as far as to prohibit people from these two countries from signing up. Blimey.


The bottom line is this. Regardless of your politico-economic inclinations, all Profit 4 Patriots seems to boil down to is fearmongering. Times may be tough, but this isn’t some global conspiracy – there are plenty of Americans and Russians going through a tough break right now, too, I’m sure. There’s no reason for P4P to try and convince us of such, when they could instead try to show how effective their software or services are; there’s not much more than a whisper of either in the promotion clip. Remember, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “Not everything you see on the Internet is true.”.


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