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Phoenix Trading Review Scam or Legit

Phoenix Trading Review Scam or Legit



Is the Phoenix Trading software a Scam or is it Legit? Well, having put it to the test, I can tell you that it is a total Scam. Initially, Phoenix Trading looks very similar to the Citidel Trading App, so my first thoughts were quite positive. The website is clean and simple and the software looks quite encouragable. How wrong could I be!


Phoenix Trading Scam Review

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Trading is a bloke called William Johnston. Having done some research, it seems that he is totally fictitious, somewhat like his claims to help you make money! He claims that the Phoenix Trading App is not going to make you rich overnight, but by following there expert team of traders and analysts you can make money. This โ€œhonestyโ€ was what first struck me as appealing and made me think that I could have found a Legit trading app for a change. The only people that will make any money from this Scam are the developers. Asking for an initial deposit of $250 doesnโ€™t seem to bad and is affordable for most. But can most afford to lose $250? That is what Phoenix Trading will do for you!


Phoenix Trading Review


Phoenix Trading claim to have been developing and improving their software for many years, and that they have had great success during this time. Having looked a little deeper, the site has only been in existence since early December 2015 โ€“ still under two months old. Iโ€™ve struggled to find any testimonials referring to the fact that anyone has had any success with Phoenix. On top of this, it is hard to find Phoenix Trading by doing a google search; it is highly likely that the people that have had the misfortune of wasting their time with Phoenix came across it from a Scam email, just more proof that they are just preying on those who believe that it is possible to make money trading with any broker. In fact, if you do search โ€œPhoenix Tradingโ€ you will find that they are a very reputable gift card company!


Phoenix Trading

The promise from Phoenix Trading of a $1k deposit bonus is also a Scam. You will find in the small print that you will have to trade up to 20 times the amount of your deposit and bonus combined before you can withdraw any money.

phoenix trading scam

All in all, the Phoenix Trading App is far from Legit, it is a total Scam. I would suggest taking a look at our best current software such as TrendXpert.


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