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Opus Formula Review – Scam or Legit?

Opus Formula Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: opusformula.co


Is the Opus Formula binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Opus Formula is the brainchild of Lex Simmons Jnr., a cashier clerk at a bank who dreamt of living the high life, and started his own hedge fund managing firm. After the financial crisis struck and his firm felt the pinch, Lex made back his millions by hiring a team to develop the Opus Formula, and he needs 25 people to help him test it.

opus formula review scam or legit

The Opus Formula site is, well, clearly all of the money Lex did have left went into development and not web design. There’s the name of the product – the fact that I’m listing this as a feature should serve as a testament to how barren the page is – the video, a sign-up box, and that’s it. Mousing over the address bar produces a pop-up… yeah. That’s it. That was easy.

opus formula app review scam or legit

So what about the video? Well, the budget wasn’t splurged here, either. It has no media controls; the buttons on the YouTube streaming bar at the foot of the window, needless to say, don’t work. It’s also not live, as live videos don’t replay from the beginning upon refreshing the page. Then there’s the content, and poor old Lex was apparently nearly out of time on the equipment he rented to record the video so had to do it all in one take. Hell, he messes up so many times, it doesn’t seem that he even got a chance to re-read the script before he started. Although, that may not have helped much, if the video’s subtitles are anything to go by. The poor blighters over at Opus Formula are so flat broke that they couldn’t even afford a dictionary to help with their atrocious spelling.

opus formula software review scam or legit

The whole thing really is a train wreck, start to finish. Jokes aside, the pitch is poorly executed and doesn’t even make much sense. Estimates for how much Opus Formula can net you per day jump from four to six figures, an entirely unrealistic and unreliable range. The “testimonials” from actors (whom are actually more competent than the lead role, based on the few seconds each that they’re afforded) are thrown in all over the place, presumably wherever Lex fluffed one of his lines so spectacularly that they’d need to have hired a second editor to fix it otherwise.


All in all, this is probably one of the weakest attempts yet to get you to part with your pennies. I almost feel that I’m insulting your intelligence by informing you that Opus Formula is completely bogus, given how unconvincing it is. Need I say more?


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