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Option Bot 3.0 Review – Scam or Legit?

Option Bot 3.0 Review – Scam or Legit?


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Is Option Bot 3.0 a scam or is it legit? Today we have the opportunity to take a look at the much anticipated release of OptionBot 3.0 and just going on the history of the product I can tell you that this is the real deal. It is now an entire four years since the initial launch of the first ever binary options robot (more commonly known these days as binary options auto trader) and that auto trader was none other than OptionBot!


Option Bot was originally marketed at $97 or $197 for the pro version, which included ongoing training and support. It was essentially a trend indicator which notified binary options traders when there had been a specific movement during a certain time frame. Unfortunately, at the time, the program was limited to those who used windows, but this is not an issue we will be coming across this time!


OptionBot was genuinely way ahead of its time, in fact, so much so that Option Bot 2.0 was relaeased twelve months later and still two years ahead of 99% of all the software that is currently available to binary options traders. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the software released these days is complete garbage and would be labelled as scams. The legit software is still few and far between.



Year on year the Option Bot software has been updated, and around twelve months ago changed its name to TrendXpert; this was linked to a rebranding and a business split.


So, what is going to make option bot 3.0 so special I hear you ask? Well, its simplicity and ingenuity is the answer to that. Traditionally, when you place a trade, you are waiting around 3 to 4 seconds for the trade to be approved; with optionbot 3.0 you will be performing β€œone click” trades, thus eliminating the chance of any sudden movement in trend whilst the trade is executed. This isn’t a major issue as far as long term trades are concerned, but on 60 second trades it could make the difference of an extra 40 – 60% of your trades closing successfully!


The difference with option bot 3.0 is that the programmers have designed the software to spot resistance or support. Resistance is where an asset cannot break past a certain price point before dropping back down, and when resistance occurs you simply cannot lose a trade in the opposite direction. Support is exactly the same, but in the opposite direction. These features are not even something that has been introduced directly through any broker as yet!


Optionbot 3.0 has been developed so that it can be loaded in to the new TrendXpert which has been named Option Bot Pro. You will no longer have to pay for training and you can test drive the software with the demo before you invest a penny!All in all, OptionBot 3.0 looks set to brush aside all the competition and take its crown as King of the Robots. This is definitely the most trustworthy and capable piece of software you will find for a long time (maybe until optionbot 4.0?).

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If you are looking for other trustworthy and profitable software, then take a look at Prizm Tech or Methodox 2.0; both with over 80% ITM trades. Our current favourite piece of software is TrendXpert; this is a trend indicator for manual trading which also offers live training. All of these have proven to be profitable for us.

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