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NEO2 by Michael Freeman Review Scam or Legit?

NEO2 by Michael Freeman Review Scam or Legit?



Is the NEO2 by Michael Freeman a scam or is it legit? Whilst looking through various blogs today, I came across the neo2 review on the OptionXpert blog and decided to take a look at what is promising to be ground breaking binary options trading software.

NEO2 scam or legit

Michael Freeman, as you may know, has been involved in binary trading for quite some time now. His newly released software is like no other on the market. Having enlisted one of the best programmers around in Amit Gupta and Dr Jack Piers PhD (who specialises in solar activities, weather forecasting and its impact on commodities), they have together created the neo2 (NEO squared) software.


The idea behind NEO2 is really quite mind blowing; the team basically took a solar tracker and synced it with an auto trading system which can process the collected data within milliseconds. To be honest, all of this is totally beyond me, but the user interface is unbelievably simple to use regardless of your experience (or inexperience) in binary options trading.

NEO2 review scam or legit

What we find refreshing about neo2 is the fact that actors haven’t been used for the video and Michael Freeman, Dr Jack Piers and Amit Gupta are all happy to put their true identities to the software; such a rarity with most systems! Freeman is also very up front in telling us that, although the software is free at the moment, as soon as the software has the recognition of KickStarter.com for the official launch it will cost a yearly fee of $7900. But, don’t panic too much, as he does guarantee that if you register before the launch on Kick Starter you won’t be charged a single dollar!


Going back to the software itself, NEO2 has three components to its operation. Firstly you need to activate the solar tracker and the trade-algo button and the once the lights come on, you can activate the auto trader and you are ready to go. The software runs at an impressive 80% ITM trades and above which, to be honest, makes the $7900 fee perfectly acceptable anyway as the software will easily generate between $3000 and $4000 a week with these figures.

NEO2 review michael freeman scam or legit

Overall, the neo2 system is a totally legit piece of software and here at Binary Options Strategy we are really excited at the future of NEO2 (neo squared). Having taken the team months and months to get the software to the precision that it is now performing at, we believe that neo2 will be here to stay!



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