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Navstar Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

Navstar Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: navstartrader.net


Is the Navstar Trader binary options auto trader a scam or is it legit? First impressions are not good with this software; we are greeted with the statement of “Make $900+ every hour like clockwork using my 100% FREE NAVSTAR Trader Software” and the standard auto starting video that opens with the line “I want you to make $22,005 by tomorrow morning. I’ll even help you do it. That’s $22,005 cleared in your checking account just for watching this short video tutorial.”

navstar trader review scam or legit

Further down the page we have some Facebook testimonials from three members; the first is showing off his Rolex, then the next two have exactly the same comment to them – “Thank you so much for this opportunity, now I can stay at home and spend time with my kids and not worry about making money.”. The whole site is cheap and very poorly put together.

navstar trader app review scam legit

The Navstar Trader presentation video tells us that we have arrived at the site by invite only; I don’t remember being invited! The guy presenting the video (he hasn’t introduced himself yet) goes on to tell us that two months ago he took ten random people, just like me and you, and turned them into millionaires in just 46 days. Utter garbage! He then claims that as of now, you will be making $670k every month with his software and the more money you make, the more money he makes. I think he’s lying – the more money you LOSE the more HE makes!

navstar trader app review scam or legit

He goes on to tell us that Navstar Trading has a limit of 50 members, which is split evenly between 10 regions; this means there is only 5 spots available in each of the selected countries. One spot from each was taken by the initial ten members, then 16 more spots were filled yesterday leaving only 24 spots between the 10 regions. He’s definitely trying to get people to sign up without thinking! He even goes to the extent of showing us the account balances of the 16 that signed up yesterday and, surprise surprise, they all made over $22,005 in 24 hours. By the way, the accounts were displayed very nicely on a word document that I could have thrown together in two minutes!


We finally find out this guy is called Ethan Harrington, but only because he shows us some “live trades” on his account. He still hasn’t told us who he is! He shows us that he has $348 in his account and then turns on the auto trade feature. We return to the software a minute or two later to see that his balance is now $436.75! Amazing…… I think not!

navstar trader review scam legit

Navstar Trader binary options auto trader is a total scam. Keep clear of this one!


If you are looking for trustworthy and profitable software, then take a look at the ICE9 Technology or the OptionRobot; both with over 80% ITM trades. Our current favourite piece of software is TrendXpert; this is a trend indicator for manual trading which also offers live training. All of these have proven to be profitable for us.

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