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Monaco Treasure Review – Scam or Legit?

Monaco Treasure Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: monacotreasure.co

Is the Monaco Treasure binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Monaco Treasure is presented to us by supposed former investment banker Alfred Malone, whose name sounds like someone confused two very different gangsters with each other. He makes the rather bold and quite erroneous claim that his software is the reason that Monaco attracts the wealthy, and the less bold but I’m sure no less erroneous claim that it can make you a lot of money. I say, “a lot”, because there seems to be an amount of confusion as to exactly how much this is – more on that later.

Monaco Treasure’s website avoids falling into the supremely awful pile, which really shouldn’t be considered an achievement. It’s pretty standardly laid out, and the choices of graphics could be worse. The actual content however, if indeed it can be called that, is lacklustre at best. There are less words present than in this paragraph alone, I’d wager, and despite this, there are still two separate and wildly different figures of $850 and $20,000 a day stated. Better yet, a third figure can be extracted from a “testimonial” at the foot of the page.

The video is frankly a little nauseating; it’s about twelve minutes long, and consists simply of a voiceover and probably the most motion-sickness-inducing subtitles I’ve ever seen. I can only assume that the reason they move so fast and erratically is to prevent you from being able to actually read them – maybe that way, Monaco Treasure are hoping you won’t realise that they accidentally use the phrase “so very losing trades”, or that the voiceover pronounces the “L” in the word “folk”.

All in all, Monaco Treasure puts in a thoroughly mediocre effort to get its hands on your cash. There isn’t a fake rosette or financial magazine review in sight. Whatever happened to those? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that a gold badge reading “We’re totally not a scam, honest” would go very far to convince me that that was in fact true, but I find it far more entertaining when they insist that CNN or Forbes view them as a reputable means of income, and not as the financial equivalent of an ingrown toenail.


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