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Mobile Binary Code (MBC) Review – Scam or Legit?

Mobile Binary Code (MBC) Review – Scam or Legit?

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Is the Mobile Binary Code binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Mobile Binary Code, which we’ll call MBC from here on, is brought to us by Howard Kessler, a private hedge fund manager to the super-wealthy. Apparently, he’s looking for a second round of 100 beta testers to trial a revision to the original MBC app, before it goes on sale for $35,000 a copy. You might, then, wonder why something like binary options trading interests him at all? Well, it doesn’t. MBC really dropped the ball here; they’ve chosen to pose their creator as someone who’s actually a well-established name in the financial sector, but they then present us with a man who looks nothing like Kessler, and instead looks more like a back-up Donald Trump. They’re clearly not banking on people switching to the image search results, and instead being sold by seeing Kessler’s name on websites like Bloomberg.

mobile binary code review scam or legit

Before we take a look any further at the video, let’s do a quick site tour. MBC pulls out all the stops to try and convince you that it’s legit. There’s cleverly no exact statements of how much you’ll supposedly make anywhere, which means fewer places to make contradictions. There are three statements under the video, purporting to be from none other than Forbes, CNN Money, and Wall Street Journal, singing the praises of MBC. There are six testimonials from all over the world, showing how people have apparently gone from making a few hundred or maybe a thousand dollars in their first day to tens of thousands over the first three months. There’s a list of company logos, presumably to make you think that they endorse MBC in some way. There are even some nice, fake, gold rosettes at the foot of the page.

mobile binary code software review scam legit

But the show doesn’t end there. Now we come to the video, and my, what a production it is. This thing is well over half an hour long, and that’s with the usual level of controls that these videos normally allow, nothing but play/pause. There’s a countdown, an intro sequence with the most annoying electronic dance music I’ve ever heard, a big flashy building, cars, staged interviews with previous beta testers. And yet, somehow, it still feels like a GCSE Media Studies student’s final project; there are corny black and white sections, and multiple camera angles, some of which are rather shaky.

mobile binary code software review scam or legit

Such is the scale of the charade that MBC throws at you, that it’s easy to forget that we’ve just ratted them out for faking who their CEO is and putting words into financial publications’ mouths. I haven’t even covered their claims of income, yet, either. They start out plausible, a few hundred a day with the first version, and become ludicrous; one previous tester claims to have made more than his year’s salary in his last job as a reporter in a single day, around $38,000. What’s more, MBC claims that the second version is 100% accurate, which is an instant alarm bell. Anything of this nature is inherently open to error, and this claim seems completely unjustified. We’re fed a line about how smartphones are the key to this success; “The more we use smart devices, the smarter they get”. This is, however, utterly false, at least with current tech.


It feels like MBC has simultaneously tried way too hard and not tried hard enough – a video that actually looks like it cost someone something to make, but shot and edited by the person’s son as part of his coursework. Claiming to be founded by a reputable name, and then choosing an actor who looks nothing like them. It’s a scam, for sure, but if you weren’t paying close enough attention, you just might be convinced by this one.


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