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Million Dollar Challenge Review – Scam or Legit?

Million Dollar Challenge Review – Scam or Legit?

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Is the Million Dollar Challenge a scam or is it legit? In today’s review of this new to the market binary options auto trader we are going to take a look at whether this software lives up to its claims. The name of the software itself puts me off, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for the moment.


The Million Dollar Challenge has the usual auto starting video, which begins with a testimonial from law graduate and mother of two Debbie Franklin who claims that having lost her job earlier this year she stumbled across the system after many hours of google searches. This bit of “good fortune” has turned her life around, apparently! She shows us the balance of her account (after paying off all her debts) and tells us that it stands at $117,230.00.

million dollar challenge review scam or legit

We then get to meet the founder of the Stanford and Marcs trading group, William Stanford. Stanford and Marcs are allegedly the company behind the Million Dollar Challenge. We did a little (actually, quite a bit) research and could find absolutely nothing on the history of this so-called company with exception of its links to the Million Dollar Challenge.


Stanford claims that they have been working on the Million Dollar Challenge auto trader since 2013 and that it took them two years of hard work to get the software working how they wanted it to. Now, according to Whois.net, the site was only registered on 27th April 2016 which means that although they claim it took them so long to get it right, the testimonials are untrue as they have been using the software for considerably more than two weeks (or so they say).

million dollar challenge review scam legit

Stanford then goes on to show us the trading platform on his own Million Dollar Challenge account which stand at an impressive $3.5 million. He then returns to the account after less than a minute to show us that the auto trading software has just made him over $100 in that short space of time. It’s all very nice, but we didn’t actually see anything happen!


Stanford also claims that these results are repeated a minimum of 38 times a day, which by my calculations adds up to over $4k daily profit, yet he is claiming that the software will make you $1300 every day. I think I’d choose the first option myself!

million dollar challenge review scam

Whilst the Million Dollar Challenge software is totally free to join, Stanford claims that each member automatically becomes a partner and that at the end of each month, they will take just 3% of your profits as a commission. This is just their way of trying to make you think they will only profit if you do, where in actual fact they will just be making money from you losing!


All in all we have not been convinced by the sales pitch of the Million Dollar Challenge and will be dropping it in to the category of yet another scam. Avoid this one!


If you are looking for trustworthy and profitable software, then take a look at CopyBuffett or the OptionRobot; both with over 80% ITM trades. Our current favourite piece of software is TrendXpert; this is a trend indicator for manual trading which also offers live training. All of these have proven to be profitable for us.

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