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Magnetic Profit Review – Scam or Legit?

Magnetic Profit Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: magneticprofit.co


Is the Magnetic Profit binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Magnetic Profit is presented to us by David Silversmith, who claims to be a reporter tasked with investigating bogus binary brokers, who went on to host a successful review page and eventually came up with his own software to match his personally verified broker to potential traders. Now, if you’re thinking that you may have seen David before, that’s because there’s a chance you may have done if you frequent the binary options world regularly, as he also featured in the presentation video for a piece of kit called Millionaire’s Code, which was widely debunked as a scam – under the name Matt Daniels. Has he seen the error of his ways, come up with a genuine trader in the form of Magnetic Profit to atone for his sins, and, erm, changed his name to escape his shameful past? No. Turns out he’s a paid actor whose services can be purchased on Fiverr.com. We’re off to a good start.

magnetic profit review scam or legit

“David’s” site doesn’t really have a great deal of meat on its bones, so there’s not an awful lot for me to pick apart on that front. Magnetic Profit has little more than a cover page, with a header that reads “Exposed: “Finance Industry Watchdog” Reveals How To Avoid Trading Scams And Net $4,032 Daily Profits!”, the video, and a sign-up form asking for name and email. It actually looks rather nice – the night sky background pans very subtly as you move your cursor around the screen, but of course, this is meaningless if there’s no content to back it up.

magnetic profit review scam legit

The video – you’ve guessed it – starts on its own and has nothing but the most rudimentary of media controls. David kicks off by telling us that we’re one of the “elite few who have been selected to view this “online trading success” presentation” – this is entirely untrue, as I arrived at Magnetic Profit’s site simply by searching for it on Google – and that only 138 people will be allowed to view it before it is removed. A counter in the top right of the page initially indicates that eight copies remain, presumably to create the illusion that we are amongst the last of the allowed viewers.


We have a background story that I briefly summarised in the intro to this review, and will not bore you with further, a “live proof” video that proves only that whoever made it can use Windows Movie Maker (I’d recognise that font on that blue background anywhere) and some testimonials, one of whom has the most hilariously false upper class British accent I’ve ever heard. In short, nothing to write home about, really.

magnetic profit system review scam or legit

The thing that clinches it is that Magnetic Profit seems unable to decide on how much you can expect to make from it – the header claims $4,032 a day, the pop-up that shows itself every time you mouse-over the address bar claims $6,666.66 a day, and the video itself claims – in the same sentence – that Magnetic Profit will make you $1,333 an hour and $3,162 a day. Not only does this not add up, it also doesn’t agree with either of the other two claims. There’s simply nothing to go on here – the numbers are all over the place, the presenter is a paid actor, and the site serves as just eye candy, with no helpful information at all; avoid Magnetic Profit like the plague.


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