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Lucrosa Review – Scam or Legit?

Lucrosa Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: lucrosa.co


Is the Lucrosa binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Lucrosa takes its name from its creator, John Lucrosa, a City of London hedge fund manager who got tired of working for the big guys and decided to go it alone. He reckons that his software can net you a minimum of $7,250 a day, and says that his reputation is on the line if it doesn’t.


Now, normally, I start with an overview of the site, but when claims are made of being featured in Forbes magazine, I like to start with a quick Google of the man behind the money. And, surprise, surprise, there’s not a whisper of John Lucrosa to be heard. He counters this by saying that he likes to stay out of the public eye, but appearing in a magazine as big as Forbes wouldn’t return diddly-squat on Google, John – not unless you were telling porkies.


These sites generally follow one of three formulae; all video and no site, all site and no video, or all of both, all guns blazing. Lucrosa takes aim at the third category, with a fairly sharp-looking site. Now, bear in mind, when I say “sharp”, I don’t mean that web design companies have anything to fear, all I mean is that I’m not quite as apologetic to my monitor for forcing it to display the page as usual. It’s still just a single page, with video, sign-up, key points, testimonials, sign-up again, and a round of “How many antivirus companies can you think of?” to finish off with, but it’s reasonably well laid out, I suppose. There are pitfalls, though. There are two spot counters, one at the top that stays at 21, and one at the base that counts down – I’m not sure what the logic there is, either. And, of course, what would we do without that redirect when you hit refresh? Well, leave the page more quickly, probably.


Then there’s the video. This was one of those videos that needed a coffee break midway through; it’s 25 minutes long. At least I could pause it for a cuppa, but that’s all I was able to do – nothing fancy like skipping forward and back. Lucrosa puts on quite the production for us, but it still has that corny, not-quite-professional feel to it. The intro sequence, bafflingly, is played to the tune of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean (it’s a good job that copyright strikes are the least of Lucrosa’s worries), and whilst John puts on a relatively convincing show, the actors playing his two “lucky members”? Not so much.


I’ve ignored one small detail that I picked up on from the video – Lucrosa isn’t actually an auto-trader. The “live demos” consist of an arrow pointing at the indicated trade and the actor manually clicking it. You’ve sort of missed the point, there, John; it’s all well and good pointing out the winning deals, but no-one wants to have to sit at their desk and click their mouse all day. That’s why auto-traders are generally automatic. All that effort (well, someone probably spent way longer than they should have on it, at least), and Lucrosa’s final nail in the coffin is a misinterpretation of the word “automatic”. I certainly don’t need an arrow to show me where the “close window” icon is.


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