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Insured Outcome (Trading) Review – Scam or Legit?

Insured Outcome Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: insuredtrading.co


Is the Insured Outcome binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Insured Outcome is the result of Oliver Breitner allegedly investing over $50 million of his own money into developing his own auto-trader. Whilst this sounds like a lot of money to you and I, Breitner claims to be worth over $580 million, with most of this being inherited from his father and grandfather’s stock trading. But he himself was never bitten by the brokering bug, so looked instead towards binary options. His offering can apparently make a guaranteed $18,000 a day.


The first problem we encounter is that the site itself is headed as “Insured Trading”, not Insured Outcome. Come on – if you’ve invested so much money into this thing, the least you could do is make the branding consistent. The rest follows the same formula as most do – there’s a video and sign-up field at the top, some basic information, and a series of “testimonials” that feature maps apparently pointing to the location of each reviewer, but that seem instead to be based on the location that the site is being accessed from, given that they just show my location from a variety of zoom levels. Also, I’m fairly certain that Strasbourg and Lyon are in France, guys, not in England. Finally, we have a second sign-up box to finish off with. There are actually some fairly nice little animations that play when you mouse-over or scroll through certain points, and there are no pop-ups or redirects when you try to leave, so it’s not all bad.


Then the video. It’s a long one, over half an hour, and unlike most of the clips of this length, there’s very little production value to it. It’s little more than Oliver standing in front of a blank background, with subtitles (that occasionally extend to cover the entire video field at what I’m sure someone considered key points) and the odd wall of numbers that are supposed to prove something. Every now and then, the screen flashes you a “live update” telling you how many of the seventeen Insured Outcome spots for today are available. There’s a claim somewhere in there that Oliver appeared on CNN’s site yesterday – but no date is otherwise specified.


It’s not going well at all, is it? But it’s where Insured Outcome do something that not many others even bother to B.S. their way through that it really comes apart – they attempt to explain how this $18,000 a day comes into existence (spoiler – it won’t). There’s an “Insured Outcome Protocol” that places counter trades to overcome losses, which makes no sense. There’s the monitoring of your account to make sure the trades are winners, which both undermines the point of an auto-trader and makes no sense.


Best of all, we’re told that Oliver gets paid exactly the same amount that you make every time, which makes absolutely no sense. The whole time, Insured Outcome dresses this up to sound completely logical. Combined with the static “live update” numbers and references to “yesterday”, it’s obvious that you’re not expected to see this page more than once, which means that they must be expecting people to either sign up right away or leave and never give it a second look. Of the two, I’d thoroughly recommend the latter.


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