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Insured Outcome Review – Scam or Legit?

Insured Outcome Review – Scam or Legit?

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Today we are going to take a look at the newly released Insured Outcome software by founder and CEO Oliver Breitner and decide whether this is a legit piece of software or whether it should be labeled as a scam.

Insured Outcome review scam or legit

Oliver Breitner claims that his Insured Outcome system will make you $750 every hour, which totals up to $18,000 each day and would make you a millionaire in the next 60 days. We are a little unsure about this statement, it seems a touch excessive! Breitner claims that his Insured Outcome never places a losing trade, yet advertises with the statement:

“Our patented trading algorithm that’s analyses billions of market variables 1 millionth of a second before your final auto trade expires If the IOP detects a risk within our parameters of over “zero point zero zero one%” it places another trade in the opposite direction. The end result if the original trade goes the opposite way to what we expected is a COUNTER TRADE .So you are always guaranteed an Insured Outcome.”

This is a bit of a contradiction as he is suggesting that a counter trade is being made to recover a losing trade.

Insured Outcome scam or legit

It also seems that the Insured Outcome testimonials are not totally reliable as the people pictured are just taken from sites such as Shutterstock; not to mention the fact tht we couldn’t find any history on Oliver Breitner in relation to binary options trading!


As you enter the trading platform of Insured Outcome, we are once more greeted by Oliver Breitner telling us how his system works. He very generously deposits $100 into my account and then proceeds to make the first trade for me, winning $40 and increasing my balance to $140. This is just encouraging you to deposit.

Insured Outcome review scam

All in all we think that the Insured Outcome should be avoided and we are going to categorize it as a scam.


If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy software, then try out the OptionRobot or the Social Tech Trader. For those of you that are more experienced and would like to enhance your trading knowledge, then you should take a look at TrendXpert.

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