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Instant Cash Club Review – Scam or Legit?

Instant Cash Club Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: instantcashclub.co

Is the Instant Cash Club binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Instant Cash Club is presented to us by Jim Robinson, who didn’t actually create the software – instead, he claims to be one of its first users, who was invited to join the club by Thomas Jordan, a patron of the motel and bar that Jim used to run, who turned out to be a bigshot trader. We’re told that Instant Cash Club can make us over $10,000 a day.


The webpage for Instant Cash Club is pretty bare, featuring only a video clip, a sign-up box, and a commodity price index, the likes of which we’ve seen previously. Since there’s not a lot here, there’s not a lot to get wrong, so there’s not a great deal more to say. There’s a redirect when you try to leave the page, and the logo looks like it’d be more at home on the cover of a Rage Against The Machine album, but that’s about it.


Onto the video, then. It’s about fifteen minutes long, and as I mentioned before, it’s presented by “Jim”, a member of Instant Cash Club, not its creator. This isn’t something you often see, but it’s an interesting way of trying to gain our trust, having an “Average Joe” (or an Average Jim) speak to us instead of a hoity-toity trader – “trying” being the key word. Unfortunately, Jim seems to be played by someone doing a Tom Hanks impersonation after drinking six cups of coffee, so the effect falls apart somewhat. The script at least makes sense, and doesn’t needlessly pad the clip out by repeating the same line twenty times, but we’re still fed the old spiel about how the software is only available to a limited number of people, and how it’ll soon be sold to some big investment firm.


The emphasis is placed more on us deeming Jim to be a trustworthy bloke than on telling us anything useful, because short of telling us that he made about $11,000 on his first day and demonstrating the ability to multiply this number by approximately seven and thirty, we never learn much about Instant Cash Club itself. Not that we do in most videos – it just gives me more to pull apart when there’s more content.instant-cash-club-review-scam-or-legit2





That about wraps it up, really. There’s very few facts or figures to base your judgement on, which is both a clever move, as it provides less concrete evidence that they’re lying, and also a risky one, as there’s also less evidence that they’re telling the truth. Given that the burden of evidence should be placed on the party making the claims, it seems to me that Instant Cash Club isn’t to be trusted.



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