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High Frequency Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

High Frequency Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: highfrequencytrader.co


Is the High Frequency Trader binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Today’s instalment is brought to us by “Steve”, and that’s all we really hear about him. He claims that High Frequency Trader can make you a minimum of $9,838 a day – an oddly specific amount, and, even more impressively, that the software can achieve this in as little as a few minutes. Let’s come back to that point later.

high frequency trader review scam or legit

High Frequency Trader’s site is pretty limited in terms of content. We have the above income claim as the site’s main header, the video field, a sign-up form, a collection of antivirus company logos to instil some sense of (probably ill-placed) confidence, a quick Q&A addressing the main points that the video attempts to cover, but I wouldn’t blame you for skipping it, hence why this is here, and that’s about it. Nothing much more to say – we have the usual mouse-over-address-bar warning, too, which interestingly claims you’ll make a minimum of not $9,838, but $13,425.

high frequency trader review scam legit

It seems that High Frequency Trader suffers from the same sort of inconsistencies that a lot of these sites seem to, with regards to expected income, and I wish I could say that the video clarified the matter. Steve, who seems to be another back-up Donald Trump (do we really need more of him?), introduces High Frequency Trader with some actors, who refresh the software a few times and act fake-surprised at the result, before bombarding us with the most repetitive pitch I’ve ever come across.


In a fifteen-minute video (it felt longer, let me tell you), he legitimately failed to cover any more than is addressed in the Q&A, that can be read in about 30 seconds. At points, I could have sworn that the video had looped, but no. If I never hear “advanced algorithm” and “High Frequency Trader never loses trades” again, it’ll be too soon. To spare you the misery, the basic gist is that the software uses a network of high-speed supercomputers apparently costing “millions of dollars” to trade before anyone else can. More likely is it’s using a single, 10-year-old server sat on dial-up in someone’s basement, if a server even exists at all. Or maybe they’re telling the truth – that would explain why they ran out of budget for the script and copy-pasted it three times to pad it out.

high frequency trader software review scam or legit

Finally, there’s that $10,000-ish in potentially minutes thing we touched on earlier. Let’s say you managed this, in, let’s say, five minutes. High Frequency Trader would, therefore, be making you $120,000 an hour. That’s well over two million a day. Now, granted, Stevey makes no attempt at all to suggest these sort of outlandish figures, but he does say it can make $9,838 in a few minutes. What, is it going to shut off after this amount is reached? No, it would keep trading, maybe not to this efficiency all the time, but you’d still be making a fortune. And, considering that High Frequency Trader’s business model is 1% of your earnings taken in fees, they’d also be raking it in. But I don’t think I need to tell you that this sort of money just isn’t feasible. Congratulations, Steve, you’ve won our award for the Most Ridiculous Income Claim Ever. Don’t ever let big numbers fool you, guys; usually, if you take a moment to think it through, it makes no sense at all.


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