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Global Millionaires Club Review – Scam or Legit?

Global Millionaires Club Review – Scam or Legit

Global Millionaires Club Scam

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Is Global Millionaires Club a Scam or is it Legit? It is, without a doubt, a total scam. There are promises of making huge amounts of money by using their system. Before you go ahead and invest, take five minutes to read the truth about the Global Millionaires Club.

If it isn’t enough to show you the fact that Alexander Wilson, the alleged founder (and self-confessed multi-millionaire) behind this site is nothing more than an actor, then keep reading. He claims to be a Professor of Statistics and Mathematics, and to have had over 100 published research articles and claims to have been trading for the last three years. Both his picture and identity are fake and in actual fact he has no connection to this site whatsoever!

Global Millionaires Club Scam Review


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There is no consistency to the Global Millionaire Club video; as the narrator goes on (and on and on) you will notice that he constantly changes from one currency to another and even talks about trading in Pounds whilst the video is displaying the same figure in Dollars. The “Financial Information” that they offer is totally unbelievable, laying claims that they have “business partners” that are making in excess of £600k in three months (£2.5m/year). Any trading App that makes such claims should be discarded. This applies massively to Global Millionaire Club.

Global Millionaires Club App Scam

The testimonials and the positive reviews shown in this Global Millionaire Club system are fake, because none of them exist. If you Google the testimonials, you will see that the pictures were stolen from other websites like Facebook and so on. You can hardly see any real trader that has actually testified about the system.It is highly likely that the people behind the Global Millionaires Club trading system are behind other scam trading apps.
Global Millionaires Club App claims to be free, but again, this is totally untrue. Before you can start trading with the App you are asked to deposit a minimum of $250 to fund your live trading account. This money will find its way (very quickly at that) straight to the pocket of the owner of Global Millionaires Club and you are never even given the opportunity to trade with a broker of your choice, just forced to use an unregulated broker.
In conclusion, Global Millionaires Club should be avoided at all costs; it is, without a shadow of a doubt, a SCAM!! There is no verifiable information with regards to the App and is only going to help you succeed in losing money. You will also see that they claim to be endorsed by major news channels such as Sky News, CBC and Bloomberg. If you research this, again, it is a total fabrication. The App has been designed to make money for themselves and no one else and targets the new and less experienced traders.
All in all, Global Millionaires Club is a total scam and short be avoided at all costs.

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