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The Freedom Circle Review – Scam or Legit?

The Freedom Circle Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: freedomcircle.co


Is The Freedom Circle binary options auto-trader a scam, or is it legit? This piece of kit was created by Kyle Stanford, who claims to have been a professor of economics at Yale University, and warns us of a looming financial crisis, that we can extort to make up to $5000 a day. This is a clever move, trying to scare you into signing up – except that, a quick Google search will reveal that there is indeed a Kyle Stanford, who teaches philosophy at the University of California. Swing and a miss.

the freedom circle review scam or legit

The first thing you’re presented with upon visiting The Freedom Circle is a big glaring timer that will count down for 15 minutes, starting when the page loads, to add an element of time pressure. The video will start automatically, but you can actually pause it for once. We’re allegedly one of the 25 people invited to join – we received no such invite. Better still, underneath the video is a statement that “X people in (your location here) joined The Freedom Circle in the last Y seconds”, where X and Y are randomly generated every time the page is reloaded, and X can be 500 of more. So we’re one of 25, aside from all these hundreds of other people? The location is interesting, too; despite claiming to have scanned our IP address when we arrived (which I’ll point out for the less tech-savvy of you is absolutely not true) to make sure we’re from one of the only 12 countries in which the software works “for reasons unknown”, The Freedom Circle seems to think we’re in a city 70 miles away from where we actually are.

the freedom circle review scam legit

The Freedom Circle’s set-up really is one of the most far-fetched that we’ve heard. Kyle spends a good half of the video trying to convince us that Wall Street is stealing from us, and that we need to use his software to take it back. After showing us a stock photo of a man that is amusingly entitled “man.jpg” if you search for it, Kyle shows us a selection of “testimonials”, and then tells us that “in just the past 90 days, this “free cash machine” has spit out 91,829,193 dollars in profits, and converted over 178 people like you into millionaires”. Note that the inverted commas around “free cash machine” were Kyle’s addition, not ours. Note also that 91,829,193 divided by 178 is around 515,894, which is slightly over half a million. Something doesn’t add up.

freedom circle review scam or legit

Things really fall apart when The Freedom Circle claims that the apparent “controversial loophole in the Federal Reserve… turns just one dollar into $1361 every 30 minutes”. A return of 1361% in half an hour? This is so far outside the realms of possibility that it’s amazing they thought they could claim it. Also, despite this claim, the clip that is shown later in the video shows a deposit of $250 turning into $1115.50 in an hour – why show us this far less exceptional turnover, if your software is capable of doing hundreds of times better?


To finish, not only can you not navigate away from the page without being prompted for your email, you can’t even mouse over your browser’s address bar. The Freedom Circle really is one of the most bizarre, far-fetched, and poorly thought-out attempts to con you out of your money that we’ve ever seen, and you’d do better throwing wads of cash against the side of your local bank in the hopes that if you throw hard enough, you’ll break through the wall, than you would using this software to get back at the “big banks”.


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