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FinTech Review – Scam or Legit?

FinTech Review – Scam or Legit?



Is the FinTech binary options auto-trader software a scam, or is it legit? The subject of today’s review, FinTech, is brought to us by Daniel Roberts, who introduces himself as a former financial analyst turned software engineer and binary options trader when one of his employees shared his money worries and bad experiences in trading binary options with him.

fintech review scam legit

Upon first clicking the link to FinTech’s page, you’ll be presented with a video that starts automatically (the contents of which we’ll get to later), and lacks all media controls bar play/pause. It also, frustratingly, refuses to fit correctly into the browser window – on my laptop’s screen, at least, your mileage may vary – without rescaling the entire window to the point where I’m straining my eyes to see it. This isn’t the only annoying thing about the page, either; even as you try to watch the video with your choice of sore eyes from trying to read the text or a sore finger from constantly scrolling to see what’s being cut off by your browser, you’re bombarded by the same desperate attempt to obtain your email in the form of a pop-up, and this isn’t an exaggeration, every sixty seconds. Not only is it intrusive, it’s actually pretty poor web design – you don’t want your potential “clients” to be driven away before you’ve even finished making your pitch by annoying dialogue boxes.

fintech review scam or legit

This pop-up also makes the fairly bold claim that FinTech can make you up to $875 an hour, which results in $21,000 a day – is this feasible? Well, if we take a quick look at that video, we learn that Daniel and his team apparently took a few cracks at developing the software (we also learn that FinTech should look into proofreading their subtitles, unless several “indivituals” really were “shreiking” with joy) and that, on the final try, with previous attempts not coming close to this figure, Daniel managed an impressive $441,000 profit in five days on an investment of $20,000. That’s a return of over 2200% in five days. Furthermore, there’s no mention of this $875 an hour anywhere else, so, either the pop-up was being modest, or more likely, someone somewhere is being paid handsomely to sit and make up numbers.

fintech scam or legit

Scrolling down after this mercifully short intro video has closed with the usual “invite only, limited to X places for reasons” spiel – X is seven, today, by the way – we see the rest of the site. A brief summary of why you should sign up by Daniel, and some “testimonials” in the form of fake social media comments. Although, I could believe that they did in fact gather these from social media, as one of them refers to the company as “TechFin”. Whoops. The page is nicely finished off with some gold seals that, upon first glance, could look like awards or verifications, but are, in fact, just generic phrases like “premium service” and “top quality” dressed up with some wreaths.


To wrap up, whilst a lot of scam sites may have questionable levels of quality assurance, FinTech clearly aren’t even trying. A company that can’t even be bothered to check whether or not people are getting its name right before uploading their reviews to its website deserves none of your attention, and it’s made worse by the fact that these probably aren’t even genuine reviews – which would mean that someone who works for FinTech managed to call their own company by the wrong name. Make no mistake – this one is most certainly a scam.


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