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Fast Cash Club Review – Scam or Legit?

Fast Cash Club Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: fastcash-club.com


Is the Fast Cash Club binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Fast Cash Club came to be when Aaron Martin, a search analyst at the “world’s biggest search engine (you know the one)” teamed up with his cousin, Jake, to create an auto-trader that was faster than anything else going. Aaron tells us that his fancy bit of kit can make us $3000 or more a day, which is actually a fairly modest claim, compared to some.

fast cash club review scam or legit

Fast Cash Club’s site is amongst the better pages that I’ve covered; that is to say, it contains more than just a video. It still falls for some of the expected pitfalls – the video plays automatically (in fact, you can’t even pause it), and there’s a list of false social media posts “endorsing” it – but at least they remembered to rein it in on the pop-ups and sign-up sheets. Other than this, though, they’re still relying on the promo clip to do the bulk of the work, with the text on the page serving more as a brief overview.

fastcash club review scam or legit

So, let’s get to it, then. The video for Fast Cash Club starts with an intro sequence narrated by a chap who sounds like he’s inhaled sulphur hexafluoride (think the opposite of helium) telling us that there are 100 spots open for five days, 20 a day, and that this is the last day. We’re also informed that we have seven minutes and 27 seconds to join to secure a spot. This is in spite of the fact that the video lasts for nearly 20 minutes – but if we can’t pause it, shucks, it looks like we’ll have to miss out on some of this riveting tale to sign up in time.


We’re also treated to a selection of paid actors pretending to be amazed by the $3000 they didn’t make in a day, one of which is shakier than a found-footage style horror film, which is remarkable considering the bloke appears to be seated. Then Aaron introduces himself and the pitch begins. We’re shown bank accounts to confirm both that the earnings are genuine (which this does prove at all, Photoshop anyone?) and that they are current (despite not one of these pages including a date). Aaron also tells us that for some unknown reason the software will not work in Albania, Nepal, and Cuba – what, did you throw darts at a map or something? I’m not even sure why Aaron thinks including this will help.

fast cash club review scam legit

To cut a long story short, Fast Cash Club gives me the perfect chance to share something I’ve noticed from watching so many of these videos. If you take any one of them on their own, it’s quite easy to see how people can be fooled. Claims of thousands of dollars a day for free, getting in before they start charging, saying that they have an “unfair advantage”, the old “I’ve been scammed too” plea, the idea of giving the big, bad brokers the finger – it’s all there. But it’s always there. In practically every single one, there’s some variation of the same story, and you can’t possibly believe that all of them are telling the truth; not everyone can be the fastest, or the only genuine trader in a sea of scams. So, by extension, they must all therefore be lying their butts off, and this includes Fast Cash Club.


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