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Dubai Lifestyle App – Scam or Legit?

Dubai Lifestyle App – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: dubailifestyleapp.com


Is the Dubai Lifestyle App binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? The Dubai Lifestyle App was apparently created by Scott Hathaway, who tells us that he moved to Dubai from Iowa with just $500 to his name in order to seek his fortune. After speaking with potential investors, they agreed to help him out, under the condition that the software was named for the place in which it was born, and that it remained exclusive to Dubai for 90 days before going global.


Sigh… see, here’s my issue; this backstory doesn’t make sense. No-one moves to Dubai with only $500. That would barely even buy you the plane tickets and camping supplies you’d need because you won’t even be staying in a hotel on that budget. And no investors would make such a bizarre request as this. They’re actively hindering their potential earnings for no good reason.


Anyway, back to scheduled programming. Dubai Lifestyle App really goes back to basics with their webpage. There’s a randomised number of “spots remaining” in whatever location you’re in in the top-left, and a timer that doesn’t line up with the duration of the video clip in the top-right. There’s a video that’s actually smaller than the sign-up field that it’s next to, so have your glasses ready, and a list of “testimonials” that are more like Amazon reviews, with little fake star ratings above them. There’s both a pop-up when you mouse-over the address bar, and a redirect if you hit refresh, both of which also ask for your email – you can practically smell the desperation.


The video is around thirteen minutes long, or about two minutes longer than the “OFFER EXPIRES” timer actually gives you (well done, folks). We’re told that we’ve been invited to be one of the 100 beta testers for Dubai Lifestyle App. Let’s tear this apart, shall we? I was not invited, I just Googled the name of the auto-trader. Beta testing is done before release, which has already allegedly happened in Dubai, so this is another lie. And lastly, you’re telling me that, out of 100 places, you’re assigning a number I’ve seen as high as 93 of them to my fairly insignificant hometown? Alright, sure. We’re also told that this is like “nothing you’ve seen before”; it is exactly the same as anything else I’ve seen before. “Live trades” that aren’t live, testimonials from “real users” who are just paid actors (I’ve seen two of the three of them appear in other videos), and multiple references to “all those other scams out there”. Bleh.


Finally, there’s the expected earnings, which usually seems to be a figure drawn from a hat or something. Today it’s $7,000 a day, which is fairly middle-of-the-road, really. Not that it matters too much, because Dubai Lifestyle app could have told me that it’ll make me $20 a day except for weekends, or force Bill Gates to sign over his company to me, and it would be no more or less believable. When you start out with such a ridiculously tall tale, and, at one point, call everyone who doesn’t sign up “losers”, you’re digging your own grave, really.


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