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Dream Catcher Review – Scam or Legit?

Dream Catcher Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: dream-catcher.co


Is the Dream Catcher binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Dream Catcher was dreamt up by Matthew Warner, a janitor-turned-Wall Street trader – now there’s an origin story. He claims to have pumped a significant fraction of his $27 million fortune and over 18 months of his life into this software, which promises us at least $4250 a day – quite repeatedly, actually.


First off, the website. Dream Catcher doesn’t quite follow the same formula that everything else seems to try to, but it doesn’t exactly break the mould either – instead, it merely leaks over the sides of the mould because the mould is at this point so over-used that cracks have appeared. There’s a video and sign-up box at the top, and a few “key points” below that. There’s less emphasis on testimonials than most, instead dedicating much of the space usually reserved for user reviews to an index of commodity and currency pair predictions that seem to be randomised.


You might think that this isn’t better than hearing what made-up people think about the software, but you probably haven’t read what they think. There are six of them that tick along the foot of the page, and not one of them is written in coherent English. Two of them are identical, reference a different auto-trader by name, and provide us with a line worth its weight in comedy gold; “I am client and I am enjoy”. I don’t think I can really say any more, can I?


As for the video, that too attempts and doesn’t quite manage to copy what everyone else is doing. It’s long, to the tune of 25 minutes or so, it’s dull, and it’s repetitive. The script sounds familiar in places, with chunks being directly copied from other videos, but then they made the mistake of telling someone to improvise a bit. There’s a good three-minute section at the beginning where the writer seems to want to see how many times the line “You can make $4250 by tomorrow morning” can be rewritten. The actor, who surprisingly I don’t recognise for once, making him the only original aspect of Dream Catcher’s entire pitch, does an acceptable job, but I wouldn’t bill him for an Oscar.


Finally, there’s that income claim. $4250 is modest by comparison to some others, but the maths still falls apart when Matthew tells us he wants to make us a million a month – you’d actually only have an eighth of that. It’s a pretty poor effort all around, really. The only dreams you’d be catching with Dream Catcher would be the ones where you’re naked at the front of the class, I’m afraid.


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