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Cash Formula Review – Scam or Legit?

Cash Formula Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: cashformula.com


Is the Cash Formula binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Cash Formula is presented to us by Tim Stafford, the co-founder of the company, who says that for five years, he has been “secretly helping ordinary people just like you, and revealing to them the formula to making life-changing money online.”

cash formula review scam or legit

“Secret” really is the theme that Cash Formula seems to run with. The site tells us squat; no profit claims or anything. All we’re told is that we must input a name and email to proceed, along with a randomly fluctuating number at the bottom of the page apparently indicating the number of people currently doing so. That’s it, aside from the video itself, and the company logo, which… Well, let’s just say that it bears a striking resemblance to a certain, ah, adult entertainment site’s branding – you’ll immediately see what I mean if you’re familiar with said site (hey, we don’t judge).

cash formula review scam legit

The video tells us equally nothing, which is odd, because Cash Formula seems to be banking rather heavily on the video alone convincing people to hit that button. Tim spends an awful lot of time setting up a grand, global conspiracy orchestrated by the financial elite to supposedly keep you from making money online. There are even quotes from politicians thrown in, albeit taken out of context, about how most of the world’s income goes straight to the richest 1% – and this is true, but it bears no relevance whatsoever binary options trading.


We’re shown three testimonials, complete with corny black-and-white dramatic camera angles, and vague-looking bank statements with figures around a few hundred thousand dollars, but then we’re straight back into the drama, this time by visiting Tim’s childhood home in downtown Miami, with bonus sob story. And we’re still without any indication as to how much you can expect to make with Cash Formula, or in what timeframe.

cash formula software review scam or legit

Tim closes Cash Formula’s video by asking those of us who are still sceptical to “kindly exit the page” because we’re “not ready”; for what? You haven’t even told us anything, Tim. There’s no reason not to be sceptical. It’s not over there, though. As if he knew that telling the people who had him sussed from the start to leave would make them leave, you’re presented with another video when you try to leave, explaining that he’ll send you an e-book about Cash Formula if you give him your email. An e-book, I will add, that according to the site’s address bar pop-up, usually costs $99. Despite Tim repeatedly assuring us that he’s not after our money. Heck, he even tries to get you to recite a pledge stating that you refuse to be tricked by online scams anymore at one point. You want to know how you can make good on that pledge? By staying away from Cash Formula.


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