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Binary Trust Method Review – Scam or Legit?

Binary Trust Method Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: binarytrustmethod.co


Is the Binary Trust Method binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Binary Trust Method presented to us not by a single, riches-to-rags-to-riches-again trader, hedge fund manager, or analyst, but rather, by a team of individuals, represented by Peter Olsen, the co-founder, and Amanda Walters, the ambiguously titled “head of operations”. They say that they are above making million-dollars-a-month claims of income, and instead tell us that we can make a conservative but cool $2,100 a day.

binary trust review scam or legit

Let’s start, as ever, with the website – oh, good, I was hoping this wouldn’t take long. There’s a tagline making that $2,100 daily income claim, a video with zero controls whatsoever, not even pause, a single sign-up box, and the logos of various digital security firms along the foot of the page. That’s it. You’d think that a team claiming to have a combined industry experience of 200 years would have more than 10 minutes watching a YouTube HTML tutorial between them, but apparently not. There’s also a redirect if you try to refresh Binary Trust Method’s page that shows you what is supposed to be a second video, but is in fact either broken or just a still image – I guess they didn’t watch all of that tutorial.


Clearly, they’re expecting the video to do the talking, and indeed it does – for fifteen minutes. With no pausing functionality. At least it’s not the worst video I’ve ever seen – in fact, it’s astoundingly average. There’s a few paid actors claiming that Peter’s team is awesome, one of whom didn’t get the memo telling them how much to say they’ve made, who undercuts that minimum of $2,100 that Binary Trust Method seem quite proud of by a few hundred dollars. Oops.

binary trust review scam legit

The subtitles, voice-over, and scripting are all relatively good, though nothing to write home about. Amanda takes over part way through to tell us more about how Binary Trust Method takes a 5% cut of your coffers every month, despite telling us that there is no monthly fee. We’re shown pictures of cars and mansions, despite being told that anyone can show you pictures of cars and mansions. We’re shown thank you emails that are supposed to prove that people stay on for multiple months, one of which explains that the chap who sent it made $980 on his first day, despite being told elsewhere in the video explicitly that you can make $2,100 even on your first day.

binary trust method review scam or legit

It’s a nice try. It’s one of the cleaner, crisper looking attempts to rob you blind that I’ve reviewed. However, there are too many little oversights and contradictions for me to believe that Binary Trust Method can, in fact, be trusted.


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