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Binary Secret Review – Scam or Legit?

Binary Secret Review Scam or Legit


Today we take a look at the Binary Secret software and ask the same question as always…. Is it a scam or is it legit? I instantly took a dislike to this software when I visited the site and was greeted by various people (I’ll get back to them) telling us all of their success stories; my other issue was the usual “no credit card required” statement to the side of the video – this is always a lie, as you will need to deposit money with a broker to be able to use the software. The software may be free, but you still have to invest money.

Binary Secret review scam

The so called creator of Binary Secret, David Craig, claims he used to work with one of the biggest brokers on Wall St and, ten months ago he (along with a team of software engineers) managed to turn his daily profit making pattern in a “fully profiting system”. I have to ask, who is making the profit, the trader or the Binary Secret team; I have my suspicions!! He (David Craig) claims that the system has a success rate of 93.62% and has been tested by 2432 users. This brings me back to the success stories. All of the video testimonials that we see are from paid actors from sites such as Fiverr and all the written ones are just fakes. I particularly like the first Tweet from a pretty lady called Jeff!

Binary Secret Review Scam or legit


The entire layout of Binary Secret just looks cheap and believe it or not, the whole website has just changed while I am typing this. It still has the same videos, but all of the written testimonials have been replaced with people’s bank account balances!

Binary Secret claims that it is going to make you a millionaire in pretty much no time at all. As I have said many a time before, they sorts of claims should be dismissed as false. The only people likely to profit from the Binary Secret are the people behind the making of it – unfortunately for David Craig, this won’t even include him!

Binary Secret Scam or Legit

So, all in all, Binary Secret is definitely to be avoided. It is, without a doubt, a total Scam!

Current softwares that we have found to be profitable are Social Tech Trader and Trade Fusion; both with over 80% ITM trades. Our current favourite piece of software is TrendXpert; this is a trend indicator for manual trading which also offers live training.

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