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Binary Option Robot Review – Scam or Legit? (OptionRobot)

OptionRobot Review – Scam or Legit?


VIEW THE SITE: optionrobot.com

Having been asked a few times just recently about OptionRobot, we thought we should take time to look at it and run the usual review. Is this another Scam or is it Legit? Let’s find out….

OptionRobot’s website is very simple and clean. You aren’t greeted with some poor video testimonial given by some bloke that claims to be a former Wall Street banker and has “cracked the code” of online trading and wants to share this with you! This is generally a good sign, but we won’t count our chickens before they hatch! As I said, OptionRobot’s site is very simple; opening with the statement of an “83% average winning rate” – a believable and realistic figure. None of this “over 98% winning trades” or “guaranteed to make no losing trades” or “become a millionaire in 30 Days” garbage!

OptionRobot Review Scam

As we move down the page of OptionRobot.com, we see a list of the compatible brokers that they use; seven of the best and most trustworthy around. They also offer the option of one of three trading systems for you to set – The Classic system, the Martingale System and the Fibonacci System. OptionRobot also has six different indicators which you can adjust in your settings so if you have multiple indicators selected a signal would only be generated when both satisfy each individual algorithm respectively. This creates a greater potential for profitable trades and also reduces the risk of losing trades being made.

OptionRobot Review Scam Legit

Looking at the OptionRobot software itself, it appears very simple to use. There are a number of “safety features”, which is something that reassures me, such as choosing between 1 and 8 simultaneous trades, 1 minute to 60 minute trades, and a range of trading amounts from $20 to $500. There is also a demo account, so you can try before you buy. We think that this is a great feature as it means you can get used to the software properly without actually risking any real money.

OptionRobot Review Scam or Legit

Everything is looking very promising for the OptionRobot and with a little more digging we found that the team behind it are well established in binary trading and are trustworthy guys. If you are thinking of using the software then we would say go ahead, you should have nothing to worry about with this one! OptionRobot is not a Scam, it is totally Legit!

To try the system out, click this link www.optionrobot.com and let us know how you get on. If you are interested in some other auto trading software CLICK HERE to take a look at our current recommendations (OptionRobot is also included in this).

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