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Bahama Banker Review – Scam or Legit?

Bahama Banker Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: bahamabanker.co

Is the Bahama Banker binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Bahama Banker allegedly comes to us courtesy of Herald Beckman, a banker in the Bahamas – imaginative name, Herald. He tells us that he came across the software whilst handling a young Russian millionaire’s bank account, and offered to manage his money for free in exchange for access to the auto-trader.


Bahama Banker’s website falls into the “Well, at least you tried” category, in that it contains more than just a video and sign-up form, but that most of the remaining content is bogus testimonials and poorly-written filler text, the highlights of which include “Why Bahama Banker works?” and “It performs quite well”. The page, like many others, initially looks the part, with a reasonably well thought-out layout, but doesn’t actually tell you anything meaningful.


The video clip that you’re presented with upon arrival is about twelve minutes long, and follows a similar theme to the rest of the site. The intro sequence is just stock footage of people on yachts, followed by the revelation that Herald has previously cooperated with corrupt businessmen, which isn’t something I’d lead a trading software pitch with, to be honest. The people who don’t immediately throw their email address at him are frequently called losers, as are all of the “other scams out there”. We’re shown absolutely no proof of Bahama Banker actually doing anything, and then basically told to stop being silly because look at all the proof we’ve shown you and hand over your email address already, damnit.


As for expected earnings, the site itself claims $1,250 a day, one of the more modest figures I’ve seen quoted, but after all, the software, in their own words, performs only “quite well”, not “really truly super-duper well” or anything like that. However, no-one told the actor hired to portray Bearded Bahama Banker User this, and instead he tells us that on two consecutive days, he fell short of this number by several hundred dollars. Oh dear. Not that the acting bar was set very high by “Herald”, that is, unless you’re supposed to pronounce the “L” in “Folks” and I’ve just been saying it wrong all of my life.


All in all, not the most convincing show. You’d probably be better off sailing to the Bahamas and burying your savings than investing them with Bahama Banker. It seemed to work for pirates, after all – who are probably only slightly less shady than Herald’s former clients.


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