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Auto Trading Robot ATR Review – Scam or Legit?

Auto Trading Robot ATR Review – Scam or Legit?


The World’s First Fully Customisable Genuine Auto Trader

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Auto Trading Robot, or ATR, is finally here, I can tell you now, before I even dig too deep, that this is going to be ground-breaking in the world of binary options trading. The Auto Trading Robot has been nearly a year in the making and comes from a line of the most reputable trading software on the market.

Auto Trading Robot review scam or legit

Auto Trading Robot is like no other auto trader we have ever come across. We all relate the term “auto trader” to the many, many scams that are out there that, with the click of a button, are supposed to trade to your advantage without you having to lift a finger. The sad truth is that nine out of ten of these systems will drain your account faster than you can turn the thing back off again!

Auto Trading Robot review scam or legit1

What the creators of Auto Trading Robot have done is take out the risk of losing your money at the flick of a switch by putting you in full control of when the trades are executed. In all my experience with auto traders, I have never come across one that offers you any form of analysis; normally you just click the “start” button and it will randomly place trades. The Auto Trading Robot will only place the trades that you set it to.

Auto Trading Robot review scam or legit2

The general idea behind Auto Trading Robot continues with the support and resistance trading method which was so profitable when using the combination of Optionbot 3.0 and Optionbot Pro. By identifying a support or resistance line (high point or low point) you could successfully place a trade going in the opposite direction when you saw the strike you were waiting for. For example, if AUD/USD had not managed to pass a high of 0.76925, then at that strike point you would place a PUT trade. This is where Auto Trading Robot makes trading support and resistance even simpler.

Auto Trading Robot review scam or legit3

With YOU having full control of the Robot, you select the point at which you would like the trade to be placed. So only when the currency pair you are trading hits the chosen strike point will the trade be placed. Thus taking away any chance of latency and massively increasing your In The Money (ITM) trade percentage. Now, don’t get me wrong, at some point the support or resistance line will get broken, but there is also a manual selection which would allow you to place a break trade if you wanted.


Although I would suggest that a basic knowledge of trading should be held for using the Auto Trading Robot, it is also an ideal way to learn how to trade with the use of the practice account which has a replenishable balance and is a carbon copy of the real cash account. So, guys, what are you waiting for? Click the link below and find your freedom with the Auto Trading Robot!


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