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Altronix App Review – Scam or Legit?

Altronix App Review – Scam or Legit?


Is the Altronix App trading software a scam or is it legit? The recently released binary trading robot, which we believe is owned/ created by Frank Saunders, doesn’t appear to be the most legit piece of software to us.

Altronix App review Scam

As soon as you visit the Altronix App site, a narrated video starts to run. Whilst this is generally the norm, there is no way of stopping or pausing the video and you are basically forced into listening to the whole sales pitch. This is just a pushy tactic by the team behind the Altronix App in the hope that you will sign up. The whole website is comes across as unprofessional and there are constant pushes to try and make you sign up. One of my biggest dislikes on such sites is the claim to “make you a millionaire” or such like; Altronix App claims that you could retire with the money you earn during your 90 day free trial of the software – what a load of garbage!

Altronix App shows four testimonials on its homepage, all of which show “real time” profits. In the time it has taken me to type this (so far), each one of the “members” has apparently made over $150,000 with the software. Again, a complete load of rubbish; not to mention the fact that the images are just taken from stock photos – the so called members aren’t in the slightest bit real!

Altronix App Scam Review


There are also endorsement logos on the site from names such as TNW, Bloomberg and CNN Money, which again are fake. Having checked it out, they have no links at all with the Altronix App. You will also find that the site claims that people have been making money with Altronix App since February 2015; in actual fact the website wasn’t registered until twelve months later in 2016 – again, more lies!

Altronix App Scam or Legit

All in all (in case you haven’t already worked this out) the Altronix App software is a total Scam! If you are looking for a genuine piece of software to trade on a fully automated mode, then take a look at Copy Buffett. After nearly two weeks of trading we have had results of over 80% ITM and the software is free for the first 30 days – not forever like most of the scams!

Our best current trend indicator is TrendXpert. This is software revolves purely around manual trading, but with the option of learning through two daily live webinars where you can copy an experienced trader placing trades if you wish.

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