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97 Partners Review – Scam or Legit?

97 Partners Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: 97partners.co


Is the 97 Partners binary options auto trader a scam or is it legit? Initially the website appears to be relatively good with a clean presentation and no annoying little counters and pop ups. The only thing I am not to fussed about is the statement you see as you scroll down the page :-


  • It’s totally free and will make you profits of over $4,369 A DAY
  • You’ll keep 97% of the profits you make (no strings attached)
  • Lifetime license (all updates included)”

The claim of make huge profits of over $4369 with no risk can’t possibly be true, can they?

97partners review scam or legit

As the 97 Partners video starts, we see what I assume to be a new member who is astonished by the fact that she has made over $4k. We then cut to a narrated video with a voiceover that sounds remarkably familiar (possibly from another software video). We are told that β€œthis is a personal invite to become a 97% partner in profit” (hence the name) and that our lives will change completely in the next 30 days. So, we are told that we get to use the next level software to make 97% profit whilst they make just 3%.


97 Partners then shows us a couple of β€œcase studies”. Firstly, we see Jeremy Collins who has been a member since August and has turned his starting balance of $300 into just under $700k. We are then shown the good fortunes that Iris Christensen has benefited from 97 Partners; she has been a member since September and apparently started with just 320 Euros and now has just short of 600,000 Euros in her account.

97partners scam or legit

Now, to start with, the figures that 97 Partners are showing us for these members are just not believable, but more importantly than that is the fact that the site was on registered in February of this year (2016). We then have the pleasure of more testimonials, with Bill claiming to have made $130k in a month and then a nameless woman who has bought a new BMW!

97partners review scam legit

97 Partners just seems to be constantly reminding us of the money you can make with their software. The narrator goes on to tell us some garbage story about how he used to be a professor at a Swedish university where he played a massive part in the creation of this software. He tells us that he was unable to use his own software for five years due to a deal made with the university. The β€œlock in” period is now over and he can start profiting from his software, even though five minutes before hand he told us the he has been bringing in 8 figure pay-outs each year for the past few years with his software.


Unfortunately, despite my initial hopes for this, 97 Partners looks like another scam to me. I would advise thinking twice before investing with these.


If you are looking for trustworthy and profitable software, then take a look at the ICE9 Technology or the OptionRobot; both with over 80% ITM trades. Our current favourite piece of software is TrendXpert; this is a trend indicator for manual trading which also offers live training. All of these have proven to be profitable for us.

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