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5 Day Millionaire Review – Scam or Legit?

5 Day Millionaire Review – Scam or Legit?

VISIT THE SITE: 5daymillionaire.com


Is the 5 Day Millionaire binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Walter Green, a former attorney who was let go from his law firm due to health problems, says he came across the “Free Money System” – yes, for some reason, the site isn’t named after the software – after speaking to his cousin about his looming money worries. He claims that his system can make you over $15,000 in five days, and guarantees that you’ll be a millionaire within three months.

5 day millionaire review scam or legit

So, thus far, the name “5 Day Millionaire” accurately represents neither the name of the product or the amount you can expect to make from it… good start. And clearly, as much effort was put into the name as was put into the site. It’s one of the most barren I’ve seen, little more than a header, a video, and a sign-up box. Actually, it is literally just that. Oh, and a “counter” for spots remaining, if you can call the number “7” next to the words “5 Day Millionaire Spots Available” a counter – it doesn’t really do much counting. On the plus side, though, no pop-ups, though I suspect that they simply couldn’t be bothered rather than care about your browsing experience.

5day millionaire review scam or legit

The video is – what is this? Media controls? Hallelujah! Full-screen, volume, a progress bar. The catch? It’s over half an hour long, and it’s not exactly a gripping experience. We start out with an intro congratulating us for landing on “the world’s only “Done For You” Free Money System”, despite the fact that every auto-trader out there is, by definition, claiming to be “Done For You”. There are not one, but two runs of actors pretending to be rich. There’s a sob story from Walter that accounts for a good quarter of the video, summarised by an anecdote about throwing starfish into the ocean that could have been straight from a Tumblr post.


There’s actually remarkably little content in 5 Day Millionaire’s video, so much so that even after watching all of it, I fail to see why it’s half an hour long. We never really get a good look at how exactly it all works, we’re just shown a series of six and seven figure bank accounts and reminded that this could be us in 90 days. Walter signs off by inviting us to enter our email, and offering us a $500 sign-up bonus.

5 day millionaire review scam legit

You’d think there’d be more to say on a 30-minute promotion pitch, but there really isn’t.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t had my second coffee yet. Or maybe it’s because 5 Day Millionaire is so uninspiringly dull. Either way, steer clear. Remember, no-one is actually going to give you anything for free like this, no matter how angry they claim to be at people being scammed.


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