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1k Daily Profit Review Scam or Legit

1k Daily Profit Review Scam or Legit?


Is the 1k Daily Profit System by John Becker a Scam or is it Legit? Well, first thoughts and conclusion didn’t really differ much…. First of all, John Becker was very hard to track down due to the fact that he isn’t even real! Not a good start! The whole “offer” of this software is misleading and, yet again, just trying to lure in new traders with the idea of making money. While the 1k Daily Profit system doesn’t suggest that it will make you a millionaire, it does claim to have a 99.8% success rate and pretty much guarantees you to earn $1000 each day. While the daily earnings are totally feasible, the success rate is just ridiculous!

1k Daily Profit Review Scam

1k Daily Profit claims that you can make your $1000 a day with an average of just one hour each day trading on autopilot and also claims to be risk free. Just more reasons for us to believe this is a Scam! The video shows you “real live trading” offering the proof to back up their claims of profiting daily. It can’t possibly be live and a recording, can it?


1k Daily Profit Review

The 1k Daily Profit website shows testimonials of “traders” that have experienced the joys of trading with this software and they claim to have reaped profits of between $30k and $350k in a month. The screenshots are made to look like Facebook or Twitter feeds, when in actual fact, these again are just fakes! They are all paid actors from sites such as Fiverr; just like the photo of John Becker has been taken from shutterstock!

1k Daily Profit Review Scam or Legit

The 1k Daily Profit Scam constantly pushers prospective traders to sign up throughout the entire website, suggesting that there are limited places left available – when they’re gone, they’re gone! If you refresh your screen during this, as normal the number will change again! They also state that once you have left the website that is your opportunity gone! Try it; you’ll see it all over again!

All in all the 1k Daily Profit system is a total Scam! If you are looking for a genuine piece of software to trade on a fully automated mode, then take a look at Copy Buffet. After nearly two weeks of trading we have had results of over 80% ITM and the software is free for the first 30 days – not forever like most of the scams!

Our best current trend indicator is TrendXpert. This is software is purely manual trading, but with the option of learning through two daily live webinars where you can copy an experienced trader placing trades if you wish.

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