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Verified Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

Verified Trader Review – Scam or Legit?


VISIT THE SITE: verifiedtrader.net


Is the Verified Trader binary options auto-trading software a scam, or is it legit? Verified Trader is presented to us by not one, but two people; Simon Roper, the head developer, and Frank Hitchen, the CEO. They claim that their software made their last batch of beta testers in 2014 anywhere from $600 to $4000 a day – modest, but not to be sniffed at – and that they are looking for a second batch for 2015.

verifed trader review scam or legit

The more astute of you may have noticed that at the time of writing this, it is (or was, for those reading in the future) 2016. And yet, this doesn’t stop Verified Trader from claiming, albeit rather weakly, with little more than a statement above the video that reads “Watch as I demonstrate the software LIVE (Prepare To Be Shocked)”, that this is a live video. Oh dear. Things don’t improve, either; a short way into the video (which starts automatically and can only be paused and resumed), we’re shown a screenshot of the New York Times homepage by Simon, stating that today’s date is 13th October, 2015. It isn’t, and whilst I could understand this if any effort whatsoever had been made to demonstrate that the video was live but no longer is, such an effort is nowhere to be seen. Barely a minute later, we’re shown a “results” screen of successful trades, supposedly from the same day – all of which are dated 6th July 2015. Really, guys? Not only are neither of these days today’s date, they don’t even match.

verifed trader review scam legit

After this embarrassing display, we’re handed over to Frank, presumably because Simon realised what a mistake he’d made and needed to lie down. Frank invites us to pause the video to see some results from testimonials further down the page. It was a huge error in judgement on Verified Trader’s part to invite their audience to distract themselves from the video, because looking at the rest of the site for more than a few seconds out of the corner of your eye reveals that whoever designed it got about halfway through whichever web design tutorial they were watching, got bored, and decided they could do a better job by mashing their forehead into their keyboard. It looks awful; plain text on white backgrounds, and pictures that look like they were cut from magazines and scanned in. Even more amazing is that Verified Trader have apparently being working on their software for ten whole years – and in all that time, you never thought to look into sprucing up your site a bit?

verifed trader scam or legit

We get a few testimonials, one which looks like it was filmed on the webcam that came with the 2005 PC on which the site was designed, and one that is blatantly in front of a green screen, and then the catch; there are only 20 places available, before they start charging major trading companies and banks $10,000 a month to use Verified Trader. I’m not sure who they think they’ve got lined up, but any big corporation that is presented with this website will laugh you out of the boardroom.


The main point that Verified Trader try to sell you on is the “Verified” part – hence the fairly modest income claims compared to others out there – to which end they’ve decorated their site with meaningless rosettes, and supplied a link to VeriTrades.net, the body that allegedly verified them. Upon visiting this link, it is obvious that this is just an auxiliary site created for the express purpose of making the hyperlink point somewhere vaguely official looking, as Verified Trader is the only thing mentioned in the only article the site has to offer. Bizarrely, this site also looks better than the main site. Upon trying to leave, we’re, as usual, told not to leave, and to please input our email address first, whilst we’re shown a second video about the manual mode that Verified Trader also apparently offers. Not that we care; at this point, it is clear to us that the only thing that can be verified about Verified Trader is that it is a scam.


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