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Option.FM Review

Binary Dragon’s Option.FM Review

As a binary options brokerage whose employees have extensive trading and analysis experience all around the financial world, Option.fm was quick to internalize this advantage to help its clients get the best service while trading. It is a fairly new broker on the market, but one that tries to leverage power of modern platforms to enhance clients’ profit opportunities. Option.FM mission is to forge a new way of trading Binary Options, a way that is unique to the fastest-moving investments in the market. Read my complete Option.fm review for further details about this binary broker.

Special Features

The account options offered by Option.FM include a lot of “must have features”, even with the lower end accounts. Option.FM tailored the accounts accordingOption.FM Review to the type of trader they expect will require features included. There are four basic trading personas – the beginners, advanced traders, professionals and corporates. All have different needs and these are options offered to each of them.

Option.fm Trial Account ($250 – $1.000):

Is the account created just for newcomers who want to test the platform and see if they are ready to trade binary options. They get the usual – access to the platform and market analysis to help them navigate the markets as their first step in into this world. Essentially this is all they will need. I couldn’t help but to notice that additional educational features would be useful to beginners. It seems this account doesn’t include access to the customer support which is weird, but on the other side, it is understandable since it is a “trial” option that doesn’t include any sophisticated features that may need support.

Option.fm Boutique Account ($1.000 – $5.000):

Adds some useful features when compared to the basic account. Here traders get support through direct access to a broker, 1-on-1 training sessions, Webinars and an e-book. In addition to these great educational options, Boutique account also adds risk management training and an additional weekly review. Profit chances are enhanced through daily e-mails and chat trading signals. This really makes Boutique account one of the most comprehensive packages for this low initial deposit in the industry. Actually, I would advise newcomers to go directly to Boutique account, skipping the “Trial” since it also includes a 100% bonus if you sign up with my links.

Option.fm Executive Account ($5.000 – $25.000):

Expands the features of the Boutique in volume but also in quantity. In addition to personal support, 100% bonus and signals this package ensures priority when using the brokerage services. It also includes subscription to a financial magazine, and a phone call before all big market events. For the news traders, this is a good way to constantly stay in touch with the market, even when asleep.

Option.fm Imperial Account ($25,000+):

Enhances trading experience through direct line contact with a personal brokerage assistant. Investment insurance is also part of this package, as well as the VIP Educational program ensuring clients get the best information and tips from professionals. For more comfort, the account also includes concierge and travel service.

Users will be offered bonuses, and if needed, users can request a demo account.

Trading Software and Assets

Option.FM trading software looks simple at first, but that is just a feature of a well-designed user interface that hides everything necessary while tradiOption.FM Reviewng, but also enables users to choose between different layouts in order to customize the platform according to clients’ preferences. The binary option types that can be traded are the high/low, 60seconds, long term and ladder. This way Option.FM has most of the trading styles covered. Technical traders as well as those relying on fundamental analysis or dynamic trading will find their wishes are covered.

The four different interfaces will add additional versatility to the binary option trading since the different views present traders with different opportunities. A simple graph trading window will suit the slow movers and analytical types. The list or grid modes will help those seeking more thrill to control multiple simultaneous trades.

There is also a mobile trading option since the platform is modular and runs from different devices. This way there is no limit to where users can logon their accounts and take advantage of that signal or market event they just got notified about. I value this feature in my option.fm review.

Asset index is not presented, but from the trading platform choice menu you can see a rich list with many assets to trade with.

Support and Services

Support is not included in the Trial account, however, other account packages not only have access to the customer support but also an access to theOption.FM Review brokerage assistance so one can consider this to be a double layer of support.

Since this broker got into the business just a while ago, it is easy to understand that every aspect that is unrelated to trading may not be yet up and running and Option.FM assured me that the website has a lot of it still coming. However, I did find the lack of a FAQ section somewhat surprising. My readers are used to turning to a FAQ when they don’t understand something, and this is a great way to make life for customer service personnel easier. I hope this section will be added soon.

The website lists live chat and multiple phone numbers as contact options. Live chat may compensate for the lack of a support e-mail contact. I was assured when writing my option.fm review that e-mail contact will be added soon, so it is not really an issue.

On the other side, phone contacts were available in more than just a few countries, covering UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, France and Canada!

Banking and Company

Banking is one of the services users will use frequently. Depositing and withdrawing follow the standard binary options rules that are determOption.FM Reviewined by the AMLs globally. There are numerous depositing options covering credit cards, bank wire and the online wallets. When in need of help with banking services, users can contact their Personal Broker Assistant to help them deal with transfers.

Minimum deposit is 250 USD/GBP/EUR. A large amount of depositing option we already mentioned are making banking fast and efficient. It is similar with the withdrawals. Minimum withdrawals are $80, which is fairly low ensuring minimum costs and flexible account management. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours which is fast when compared to the competition.

The company running the brand is registered in UK which adds another layer of security in doing business. Overall a great option.fm review where our traders can feel safe and secure.Option.FM Review

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